How To Play The Guitar


  1. DarkNathify says:

    Every Ashole Deserves Great Bitches Everyday

  2. lucas dootson says:

    Every Acid Dealer Gets Bankrupt eventually

  3. Chezz van der Vos says:

    I think my guitars too big, I cant reach all the strings on the right

  4. If anyone is looking for some easy songs to learn I have some videos on
    easy songs like seven nation army. So if anyone is interested please check
    out my channel Th3HMan. Thanks!!!

  5. Yes it is, it is called Fret wire


    thank you :D imma play gutair and sing yesterday X3

  7. mecha1018 says:

    i like this one better

  8. Laila Gray says:

    i have the same guitar :)

  9. U aren’t a spy or secret agent so give the newbie act up

  10. Mariam Ramadan says:

    I really like it

  11. DanceMoms BOSS says:

    i have a toy guitar that looks so much like a real guitar and you can play
    the guitar just like a real one its so cool!

  12. Hanna Cullen says:

    i think your toy guitar ia an ukelele

  13. Easy Guitar Lessons says:


  14. KinkyHoseLover says:

    instructions to complicated got dick stuck in a fan

  15. So im trying to learn to play guitar and this just confused me more

  16. Xochitlt Ramirez says:

    That was. Good. Thanks. For. Teaching. Me. Gatar

  17. Phillip Mellewien says:

    There is a pro jamorama guitar lesson guide on with some cool
    guitar tips on how to learn to play for all levels with riffs, strums.

  18. Ahrianna Barber says:

    Omg u have the exact same guitar as me!! Yay!

  19. DemonKingMMA says:

    I like how Bas Rutten’s Liver Shot is in the description.

  20. Allie Bensley says:

    This didn’t help at all

  21. China Austin says:

    I have that same guitar in black

  22. camron phelan says:

    Learn to play before you try to teach others

  23. cheyanne r says:

    Omg nobodi cares

  24. xxxfearhackerxxx says:

    what do you mean in between the cords I still am touching both I am
    confused y’all to confusing

  25. ready51chevy says:

    well atleast your hot

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