Playing Guitar


  1. Andy Crowley says:

    Another video just gone over 100,000 views. woop! :)

  2. Andy Crowley says:

    This video shows you the 2 easiest guitar chords, and 1 song. For the other
    9 songs, click the link in the video to the website, or check the playlist
    which this video is a part of. Yes, its all free. Enjoy!

  3. Andy Crowley says:

    So yes, I have released my first proper album! This also marks the day a
    video of mine reached a million views on YouTube, as that was the video
    that gave me an audience for everything to grow from. Play TEN guitar songs
    with two EASY chords | Beginners first guitar lesson

    See and hear a preview of each song here

    It’s also now available on Spotify

  4. crazycat690 says:

    Just tried this out, seems like it’s doable. 

  5. Chinmay Sahu says:

    thank for this video,,

  6. Benedicta Cindy says:

    i asking with u.. what type your guitar?
    i wanna learn guitar.. but i dont know about good types of yamaha..

    thanks :)

  7. decock eveline says:

    bought a guitar last week, trying to learn the chords now

  8. ethan coleman says:

    i dont have all my strings

  9. martin wayne says:

    For better sounds get a cappo .

  10. arkangelmarie says:

    I really enjoyed playing these two chords…I got it because you explained
    them so well! Thank you Andy!!

  11. helped a lot! thanks!

  12. Екатерина Фёдорова says:

    You are fantastic!

  13. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial Andy… I super like this. Its easy
    as 1234 beat =D

  14. Rob GuitarBackingTracks says:

    great lesson, verry clear to see and understand

  15. Miklós Szűcs says:

    Hey, I have the very same marshall amp! :)

  16. Mackenzie Joyner says:

    love the lennon picture 

  17. If your guitar don’t ring where ever, it means your frets suck and the
    guitar’s no good

  18. Manpreet Mann says:

    Great thanks..

  19. Zachary Farrin says:

    Thanks I just started playing it was unbelievably helpful 

  20. Yesenia Elorza says:

    This was SO much help thank you !! 

  21. LiamRussellOfficial says:

    I just started playing guitar and I understood that :-)

  22. Andre Gallego says:

    man thank you so so so so much. words can’t describe. i’ll send you
    positive vibes through my conscience lol. i have alota depression and
    psychosis and its hard for me to go and do things and have fun doing
    things. i started doing this video a few seconds at a time and it helped
    tremendously how easy it is to play the guitar. man thank you. 

  23. John Mwangi says:

    you are so fantastic .i love the video so wonderful

  24. MusicFan23 says:

    Heyy I want an advice.. So I want to buy my first guitar and start
    learning it.. What type of guitar shall I buy please ?

  25. Shakarree Washington says:

    Wow this video is over 9000

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