Learning How To Read And Write Guitar Transcriptions

gscaleThis lesson is all about transcriptions. You can greatly improve your guitar playing skills by learning how to read and write transcriptions. Remember when you were learning to read in the first grade? You had to sound out each word and then read the sentence over and over. The more you practiced reading, the easier the words and sentences became. As you improved, you didn’t have to think about the words. There was a movie playing in your head. The same process is true of transcriptions. The more you read them, the better you will become. A soundtrack will then play in your head.

As you improve your transcription reading, you can then learn to write a transcription. You can write down those tricky solos note by note and then have the written record on hand to continue to practice it. You will have it for future reference. Even better, you can transcribe songs that you have written. You could work on a song, get hung up on a particular part, put it away for a while and come back to it at a later date. Never forget a great song that you’ve written!!

When transcribing a recorded song that you are trying to learn, there are a few tools you can use to make the process a bit smoother. You should use a set of headphones so you can hear all the parts in the mix. You should also use a playback device that allows you to loop certain parts of a song. You will have to listen to the same parts over and over. There are software programs available that will allow you to slow down a song without changing the pitch. You may want to consider investing in one. You can either grab a pencil with a good eraser or just use a software program that helps you to transcribe.


•Determine the key and time signature.
•Listen to the series of notes or chords.
•Find those notes or chords on the guitar.
•Write the notes on paper or put the notes into your transcribing software.

Sometimes you can “hear” too much. You need to hear it in your head without any music playing. Silence can help you when figuring out a note. Happy playing to you and have fun!